Roma Last Day Pictures

View of the tunnels beneath the Coliseum floor.



Wooden floor to the right is a recreation of how the floor originally was. Wooden floor over the tunnels, sand spread on the wooden floor. Tunnels below used to store animals, trap doors, special effects, etc. (watch “Gladiator”).


Street vendors (one of many) right outside Coliseum


Partial rebuilding of how it originally was.



Some kind of protest or strike going on in front of a government building. Police were all standing around looking bored. I was just walking around taking pictures. I didn’t stay too long as I didn’t want to end up in a “Forrest Gump” moment, in the middle of some huge protest (“down with America” or “viva la communista!”)


Pantheon pictures taken with fisheye lens. Distorted but wider view.



Pretty building in one of the small streets.


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