Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (and more)

Too tired to write too much; perhaps an update next time. Went to the Boboli Gardens today. It was very relaxing, no line to get in, and not too many tourists. A couple of the pictures are from there.

I’ve been concentrating mainly on photographing people, street photography if you will. I find it interesting as hopefully it brings a different approach to Florence, where every famous location has been photographed thousands upon thousands of times, literally. I’m not ruling out monuments and palaces and statues all together (photographed David the first day), just not where my main interest is right now.

Plus I’ve been doing alot of photography at night; less people, more interesting lights and shadows, etc.

I’m learning how to make pasta on Saturday in a cooking class; looking forward to that. Maybe Siena tomorrow or the next day.





~ by l on September 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (and more)”

  1. Wanted to let you know I stopped by your house and got the mail, etc. Everything seemed fine. I will go by later–I know I need to empty my stuff from the basement 🙂
    Enjoy the cooking class this weekend. Sounds great.
    I really like the second picture down of these–the back shot of the musicians walking. Cool stuff. Later, Liz

  2. Very nice Bob. Don’t be afraid to shoot people, worst case is they yell a little. Unless they are Sicilian, then just run.

  3. I like the girl who is painting, the picture looks like a painting itself. A modern italian piece of Art 🙂

  4. I like the girl who is painting. The picture looks like a painting itself. It’s an italian piece of Art 🙂

  5. Rat, just hosted Grip over at our house Saturday happened to be Tommy’s birthday party so he got pizza and cake and beer. Good to see him, talked of your travels. Great pix, one suggestion for Pisa on the way out of town, if you stay there one night, go to Piazza Garibaldi and the bar called Becuzzi. Free food at 1900 and the pours of wine are very generous and only 3-5 euro. Did I mention free food? Also next to the Bagno Nero, is a Pizza place called Bagno Nero very unique pizza, also Pizzeria Galileo is very good, recommended by Rick Steves. Enjoy.

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