Fat Tuesday, End of Workshop, and a Few More Models

Today was the last day of my Carnival photography workshop. We had our masked models from the previous days (not yesterday’s models) in different costumes than before.

A few of the photos from today are below, as well as a couple more from yesterday’s shoot. I’ve probably shot 800+ images the last two days so I’m slowly working my way through them and discover more good images each time I look.

Most of the class is flying home tomorrow. I’m staying til Friday; going to explore Venice a bit more now that Carnival is over. Also thinking about going up to Verona; it’s an hour by train.

Some observations/things I’ve learned the last week:

– Most of the models that you see in St. Mark’s Square come here on their own. Nobody pays them; they make they’re own costume. Often you’ll get a card from them with a picture of their costume and an email address for images. I think that alot of them are French (which explains alot) and theatrical types.

– 80’s music is really big here. I think that there is a radio station that plays “classic” 80’s music. I was at the glass furnace in Murano watching master craftsmen blow glass while The Pet Shot Boys, David Blowie, and REM played on the radio. I’ve heard more Duran Duran at the hotel this past week than probably the last 5 years at home.

– Evidently the concept of sexual harassment or hostile work environment hasn’t reached Italy yet, as I saw several R rated pen-ups out in the open at the glass furnace.

The weather has been great this past week. Today was much colder than the previous days; tonight wasn’t bitter but probably 35-40 and wet, which made it colder.

Not sure if I’ll blog Wednesday or Thursday. Depends on internet access where I’m staying as well as if I have any images or anything interesting.

~ by l on February 24, 2009.

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