Today (Sunday) we went to the island of Burano (not to be confused with Murano, where they make the glass). This is the island of colorful houses; they also make lace there I believe.

This required about an hour ferry ride with a boat change at one of the many outlying islands around here. We initially caught the 7:45 vaporatto; I got several scenic early morning images, one shown here:


We had our models back today. They were to be dressed as clowns, which would go well with the different colors in Burano.

The weather was nice; the sun was out and it wasn’t too cold, unless we were in some of the shadows in the early morning. We shot with our models for 3 hours, had a leisurely lunch, wandered around a bit afterwards, and caught the boat home.

It was VERY crowded with everyone heading back to Venice (standing room only). Once we made it back to Venice (boat change again), we got dropped off at one of the 3 or 4 stops around San Marco. Unfortunately things have changed immensely since I arrived on Tuesday. It is now wall-to-wall people, both in the square and under the walkways surrounding the square. There are still models with photographers, although I don’t see how anyone can get a quality image with all the people about. Unfortunately there is no easy way around the square to the hotel; I must go through it (plus the side streets/alleys are just as crowded). Luckily I find a really tall guy who appears to be a local as he is fearless forcing his way through the crowd. I stay about 1 step behind him for most of the way back to the hotel and navigate the crowd rather painlessly.

Tomorrow we have a fairly leisurely morning with a 9:30 show time. We are going to shoot in one of the many palaces (I’m not sure what the distinction is but alot of the really large “houses” along the Grande Canal here are palaces) with models in period costumes, not Carnival costumes. Should be interesting.









~ by l on February 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Burano”

  1. I love all these pictures. They are great. Have you been going out much just to have fun too, or just shooting pics?

  2. Usually the day is pretty full. We finished shooting yesterday early afternoon, had a 2 hour critique/review session and then went to dinner, which is usually leisurely. Today got back around 5ish but had dinner on our own tonight. I could have gone back to San Marco but many people on the weekend. So mainly just shooting and then group dinners

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