Carnival Workshop First Day

So today was the first day of the workshop, the reason or excuse I use to come to Venice. After a meeting in the morning, we headed out to shoot around 11. Our journey took us through the Piazza San Marco so we ended up spending 45 minutes there. Already taken all the images that I want to take there; however I did make a shot of a typical group shooting one of the people in costume. A bit like paparazzi (which I find somewhat ironic since the word “paparazzi” comes from the Italian move “La Dolce Vita”).

Then after a quick lunch we headed over to a square on the north side of the island, away from the tourists. Our own personal models were waiting for us. Got to try alot of different things with lighting, backgrounds, etc. Pretty tired now so really can’t think about it, so I’m just going to post the images.

After 2-3 hours we were done. We thanked our models and headed back to the hotel. Then we came upon some nice light in a large square with several festival goers. Shot several of these people and then headed home. Early night tonight as we have a 6:00AM shoot scheduled for tomorrow.


~ by l on February 20, 2009.

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