Last Day Before the Workshop

Not much to write about today. Am getting kind of bored with the street photography of people in costumes (not bored with Venice). Workshop starts tomorrow which I’m ready for. Hopefully will take what I’ve learned on my own these last 3 days (that it’s easy to make great photos of people in amazing Carnival costumes) and take that to the next creative level.

Also the place is becoming a bit more crowded; people are a mixture of clueless/rude/pushy when it comes to taking photos. Alot of them don’t think twice about stepping in front of your shot or not having an awareness of who is around them. Keep in mind that it’s very crowded for the people in the better costumes with 20-30 people crowded around them taking photos. And then while you’re working on getting your shot some there is ALWAYS at least one person who has to have their photo taken with the person in costume. I totally understand that; it’s just that after the first 20 times it gets old.

Fortunately for the workshop we have our own models in costume to work with. We’ll go off the beaten path where we don’t have to worry about the tourists. That’s the idea anyway. We’ll see what happens.

In the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) they have a big stage set up where they do things during the day and at night have dancing; it looks like either the foxtrot or tango (like I would know the difference).


A travesty in Venice


A few more images from St. Mark’s Square. It’s midday, the light isn’t great (very harsh),and although the costumes are different, the approach is the same as the others. I’m ready for something different.



~ by l on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “Last Day Before the Workshop”

  1. I love the tango photo!! Bravissimo!

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