Last Day Vienna

Today started out like yesterday. I slept in and was lazy for most of the morning. Part of it is enjoying being in a decent hotel with a bed that doesn’t hurt my back. The convents were ok (spartan but OK) but the beds were cheap and at the last one a nun was ready to clean my room by 9:00 AM. Also I’m trying to finally catch up on my sleep, since this is the first place I have actually slept pretty well. Another thing is that it is quiet here.

Anyway decided not to go to Salzburg (I’ll save that for another trip) as it being a Friday made for full trains and I didn’t want to get back late tonight since I’m leaving fairly early tomorrow. Also wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be like over there and didn’t want to walk around on another depressing, cloudy day.

As it turned out, here in Vienna it was nice. The outside sign said 15 degrees Centigrade which is right around 60 degrees. It was a cold 60 however as the sunshine only makes it to the street sometimes due to the buildings and the wind was cold.

Funny thing is, the locals around here always wrap up like it’s 20 degrees F . I was out the other night and it was a nice night, 62 degrees or so and everyone had jackets on, many with scarves. Scarves are big here, not dainty little silk ones but big bulky scarves. Saw alot of them today. Wonder how they dress when it really gets cold.

So there I am walking around in my t-shirt (black to be fashionable) and pants taking pictures. I had this strolling tour of Vienna that I had downloaded from the Internet so with that and my map in one hand and my trusty Nikon in my other, off I went on the first sunny day to see the city and take pictures.

Unfortunately the guide wasn’t real descriptive on how to get from one place to the next. Sometimes it would tell you to take a street, other times it wouldn’t. Also I find German a hard language to read (actually I don’t read it but to read a street name and then remember it and find it on a map). Anyway I got about half way through my tour before the light was starting to fade. Got some OK shots at the end of the day when the color was nice. All the better pictures are below, no particular subject, just nice tourist pictures of Vienna.

One last point: here in vienna in most places instead of lampposts they string lights directly overhead the street by running wires across the street between the buildings and then longways down the street to connect the lights. I’m sure it lights the streets great at night but they really get in the way when you’re trying to frame up a shot.


~ by l on October 17, 2008.

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  1. great pictures Robert! Beverly gave me your web address…I really enjoyed this post…keep up the good work!!

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