Nacht in Wien (Night in Vienna)

UPDATE: I wasn’t really happy with the Riesenrad (ferris wheel) pictures that I took last night or the supposed “good ones” that I posted so I went back tonight (Wednesday) with a faster lens (faster=more light=faster shutter speed=less camera shake) and retook them. I swapped out 2 from tonight with 2 from last night. They are much better and I am happier.

I’ve been here only about 12 hours but already I really like Vienna (and probably Austria as well). The city is clean, no graffiti, the glass doors and windows of stores downtown actually stay unprotected at night. The weather is perfect for fall, tonight in the 60’s I’m guessing.

So I went out about 7:00 PM to the Prater, Vienna’s amusement park. It was a quick ride on the Underground, 1-2 stops max. This is where the giant ferris wheel, the Riesenrad, is. I thought it would make for some interesting pictures at night.

Initially I wasn’t having much luck producing pictures like this (this is not good):

It’s not terrible but Nick, my nine year old nephew can take this picture. I wanted something more for my efforts. Then I remembered something Jonathan told us, “Less is more”. Very Zen like but all it means is to leave something to the imagination. If you give the viewer everything then you complete the picture for him instead of letting him do it. Also something that Joe (McNally) says, “If you want to make something interesting, don’t light all of it” or something to that effect.  I really had not control of the lighting of the ferris wheel but I can control my exposure.

So then I started producing pictures like this:


I grew tired of this after a while and was going to head back to my room when I decided to see what was going on downtown. I took the Underground to the Stephenplatz which is a station by a huge church/cathedral. In other cities I might be a little reluctant to walk around at night with my camera but Vienna is supposedly very safe so I wasn’t really worried.

Full moon (or close to tonight) plus clouds always makes interesting images:

There is a huge pedestrian walking area but they had part of it blocked off. People were standing by waiting for something. I found out through an English speaker that it was the Vienna night run (not sure how long it was, 5K, 10K, ?) but soon afterwards the runners, many, many runners, came by. Beautiful night weather wise for a run.

So far Vienna seems to be a great city. Alot of energy at night, people downtown, children playing. I’m sure that it’s wonderful at Christmas.

P.S. These images aren’t as sharp as mine usually are. I was handholding at night (i.e. low light) but you should get the idea.


~ by l on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “Nacht in Wien (Night in Vienna)”

  1. Rat I am so impressed at your skill as a photog, wow. All of your pics have been good enough to hang as art. I am really hoping you stick with it, then I can say I knew him when…

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