Under The Tuscan Sun, Part Two

Today (Sunday) started out chilly in Florence (it is fall) but by the time I returned from doing my laundry and had a leisurely morning, it had warmed up enough to walk around in short sleeves.

The city is growing on me. I went over to the Ponte Vecchio to take some more tourist photos and realized what it was that I didn’t like about that part of the city. It reminded me of Court Day in Mt. Sterling, albeit with a Florentine twist. There were the hordes of people, the street vendors hawking their wares (in this case better and more expensive stuff than court day) and then there was the smell of fresh cooked waffle cones (for gelato instead of regular ice cream). All that was needed to complete the scene was the smell of country ham or italian sausage being fried with green peppers and onions.

The "Unwashed Masses" on the Ponte Vecchio

The "unwashed masses" atop the Ponte Vecchio

View of the Ponte Vecchio

View of the Ponte Vecchio

I crossed the river and worked my way down the road where it was quieter. I found a quieter are where there were few to no tourists and started exploring it. This was much better.

Florence is very much a medieval city with a medieval feel. You can see it in the architecture of the towers and of the ancient walls left behind. Even the Ponte Vecchio has that feel and I could just imagine it hundreds of years ago, lit up with torches and with the butchers and leather workers selling their products.

Medieval Walls

Medieval Walls

I found this road that followed a walled enclosure on it’s right and followed it to the top of the hill. Few people here, no doubt because on this side of the river it is hilly and requires a little effort.

I found out that it was Forte Belvedere. There is obviously history involved here but today was just about enjoying the city and soaking it in.

Once I got to the top of the hill and on the other side of the walled fortress I discovered that there were buildings and such on the other side. Evidently it was kind of wall to the city at one point.

I then found an even larger hill to climb which took me to one of the highest points in the city (it appears so anyway), the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte.

View of Florence from across the river

View of Florence from across the river

Not a great photo but I’m staying to the right of the big dome.

Found some wonderful light to go with the Tuscan colors and made this shot:

Then started my way back home down the hill but came across a commercial or TV shoot going on at this outdoor cafe which overlooks the city. Bought a bottle of water and watched for a few minutes before heading back home.

TV Commercial Shoot

TV Commercial Shoot

A couple of pictures of the dome I passed on the way home. About 3 minutes from the convent.

Monday I’m off to Riomaggiore. Not sure what the internet access is like there so it might be a while til I post again. Hopefully I won’t have to wait until I’m in Rome on Friday.



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