Last Day

Today was our last day of shooting. Tomorrow (Saturday) most are departing, either returning home, continuing on for more travel. A few are spending a few extra days in Venice. I am taking a train on Saturday to Florence where I’ll spend a couple of days exploring and photographing that city. I’m curious how it will differ photographically from Venice.


Today we went to a church that was built to commemorate the passing of the plague. It was different from other things that I had shot this week in that there weren’t visually bright colors. Others did a much better job of find great, creative ways to showcase parts of the church but I was struggling. I came away with a few good shots but all in all I wasn’t feeling as creative as previous days.


After our final review session we headed out for our final dinner together. Unlike other workshops that I’ve done, the group here eats dinner together at night which is nice because it allows you to interact with the other participants (13 total). Throughout the week I’ve been here I’ve probably had either lunch or dinner with everybody in the workshop which has been nice. Everyone is fairly comfortable together with each other. Also since we walk everywhere that gives us time to interact, etc. A very nice dynamic and bonus to the workshop.






~ by l on October 4, 2008.

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