The Fish Market (Thursday)


Today we went to the fish market. I had been over there on Saturday (quite by accident) and got the picture of the “ugly fish” but we were looking for a bit more than that today. It is a bit of a hike as it is on the other side of the Rialto Bridge (about a 20-25 minute walk). I might add that I’ve done quite a bit of walking while here in Venice. It adds to the tiredness at the end of the day, tired both mentally (creatively) and physically.

The challenge of photographing the fish market was to not come away with either pictures of just a bunch of fish or pictures of just a bunch of people but to try to convey a human element to what was going on, to also convey the semi chaos and business that is the fishmarket.

I’m not sure what all the fish were but there were quite a few unattractive kinds of fish as well as live eels and crabs. Fish is quite expensive here but evidently a part of their diet. This isn’t like buying fish at Kroger where it is all ready to throw on the grill (although they do have steaks for some kinds of fish). When you buy fish here you usually get the whole fish.

(one of my picks for critique)


(one of my picks for critique)


(one of my picks)

After the fish market we worked our way to one of the numerous squares in Venice. Had a leisurely lunch followed by a gelato (fairly standard course of action) and came across this gypsy violin player with his guitar playing partner. He played a song for us and since I got numerous photos I gave him a Euro. A very cheap model.

Finally, made this shot on the way home. Tomorrow is the last day. It’s gone by fast.

~ by l on October 3, 2008.

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