Today (Wednesday) we visited the colorful island of Burano. There are several islands around Venice: Burano, Murano (where glass is made), Lido, etc. Each has its own unique history and culture. I’m not sure what Burano’s history is or why the houses are so colorful but nonetheless it is a quaint little island. In a certain sense, it reminded me of Nantucket, in the fact that you have numerous day trippers who take the ferry out for the day, walk around, shop, have lunch, and return back to the mainland (or Venice in this case) at the end of the day. But I digress.

To get to Burano required 3 different boats. One of the changes gave us a 15 minute wait at the boat station; however being Italy there was a cafe next door where we were able to recharge with a late morning cafe americano or cafe expresso and then continue on our journey. Very Italian.

We finally arrived at our destination and set off to find great images. We more or less wandered around together as a group (kind of like herding cats), had a leisurely (and expensive) lunch, shot some more in the afternoon, and then took the 4:30 ferry home in the afternoon. We were all pretty beat but hopefully the day was productive for everyone.

The people of Burano are incredibly friendly and not nearly as camera shy (or difficult depending on how you look at it) as the Venitians. There was one woman sitting in her doorstep stringing green beans. Kim (who speaks Italian) asked if she could take her picture. After that they talked for about 10 minutes while Kim got some kind of cooking recipe. I’m not sure what it was as the only things I could make out were the times (i.e. cook 45 minutes, etc).

Joyce was able to take several images of a woman hugging her grandson goodbye after he and his mother stopped by for a visit. She got more than she bargained for when the woman started giving her address (pointing to the house number and street name) and asking for a copy of the image. When asked if email was OK (computer?) and found out it wasn’t she had to get her whole address. Better her than me.

Tonight we were on our own for dinner. I just grabbed a couple of slices of pizza to go while returning from the Internet cafe posting yesterday’s blog. Different groups were going to get dinner but I am trying to make it an early night and it seems that dinner in Italy ends up being a fairly long evening.

No commentary as it would take too long and require me more thought than I am capable of today. I shot about 180 images (not a whole lot compared to others) but I am working on being much more selective. These are my favorites and in these are my top 5 if we do critiques again tomorrow.

At the bottom is a link to another 12 – 13 ones that are very pretty, show more of the town but really don’t pass muster for what were doing in the workshop (at least I don’t think so). they’ve either got minor framing or composition issues or they aren’t as visually appealing as the others.

Good but not great

~ by l on October 2, 2008.

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