Piazza San Marco and Others (Tuesday)

I was hoping to get this posted Tuesday night (my time) but the Internet has been sketchy here since my post this morning. Not sure when it is going to get fixed but this is from Tuesday’s daytime shoot.

After returning to the hotel from the early shoot today, I grabbed a quick nap, showered, and headed downstairs for our daylight shoot around 10ish. We were heading back to the Piazza San Marco, however it would be much different than this morning. Besides daylight, there would be thousands of tourists (along with the pigeons) standing in line for the different tours there, taking pictures, and generally doing what tourists do.

The piazza is an incredibly huge place (reference my earlier post). It has been photographed tens of thousands of times. Numerous movies have been filmed in it. Our challenge as photographers was to find images that hadn’t been taken before, different points of view, something that the average person wouldn’t see.

I started off somewhat slow and deliberate, not really seeing a whole lot. I walked around the perimeter several times. Several colleagues worked on some images with pigeons but that wasn’t really happening with me. I found a couple of things that I was happy with. by the time I left there I had only taken 30 or so images but had several quality images that I was happy with.

Sidenote – We had an image review/critique slideshow with each individuals image picks from the last two days. Mondays picks (i.e. the photographer picks their 5 best images)have already been posted. I will denote which images are also todays 5 picks as well.

Pick 1
Walked out the front door of the hotel and there was this shot. Grabbed it quickly before he left and cropped for content.

Pick 2
From one of the 3 (at least) outdoor cafes that has live music. When they were playing Mozart on Sunday it had a nice European feel. Today playing the Beatles kind of detracted from that.

Pick 3

Not totally happy with this but I read somewhere from a great photographer that peoples hands make interesting subjects. Not totally working here as I would like a better angle and much tighter shot.

One of the musicians in the piazza.

Leaving the Piazza San Marco

Pick 4

Pick 5

From a newsstand in a square. Somewhat whimsical.

The Italians are known for their fashion. While not a particularly great photo, I do like the shapes and colors.

On the way home several of us stopped to look at one of the Venitian masks store. This are in a whole different class from the tourists masks you see sold on the streets and in some of the cheaper stores. While there is nothing special about these images (anyone could take them), the masks make them visually appealing.

A little closer to the hotel was a second store, which had masks along with other things. 3 of us had stopped and were admiring this mask. One of the women was really admiring the mask, wasn’t even considering buying it but was curious how much it was. Ends up it was 3800 Euros, which is around $6000. I’m sure that there is some negotiating room there; how much is the question.

According to Marzia who is from here (I think she’s Venitian, know she’s Italian) there are two prices in Venice: one for Venitians, one for every one else.

UPDATE – Wednesday night. Internet is still down at the hotel so I’m a day behind. But today to went the the island of Burano (not to be confused with Murano the glass making place). Very colorful houses with incredibly friendly people. Couldn’t take a bad picture there but once again we were looking for more. Haven’t looked at my shots yet as I am exhausted (it’s about 7:30 PM). I’ll try to get them posted tomorrow, if I have time. There are quite a few.

~ by l on October 1, 2008.

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