Piazza San Marco, Early

We had an optional shoot this morning at the Piazza San Marco at 6:15 AM (that’s 12:15 AM for most of you). Was hoping for some good light as the sun rose but didn’t really get any. Nothing really great but some shots that are somewhat interesting. Also a couple of shots from yesterday that didn’t really go with the “creative” photography but interesting none the less.

Since the light wasn’t cooperating this morning and I wasn’t feeling real creative at 6:30 (especially without my first cup of espresso) I decided to go a different direction and experiment with silhouettes. The piazza is a great place for that as there are many statues on top of the buildings and the basilica.

P.S. We all went to dinner together last night. Table I sat at was me (American), a Brit, Canadian, and Norwegian.

From yesterday

Like many cities the workday starts early for some:

~ by l on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Piazza San Marco, Early”

  1. Robert,

    Great blog!!! We love the photos.

  2. Hey Robert. Now I know why we had a hard time getting renters. Everyone was getting a home loan. Interest only or whatever. Why should we bail on Wall Street? We had the renters from Heck. You know the stories.

    The country seems to be falling apart . Not really.

    We expect you to organize our wine party this winter and tell us the good wine from the not so good.

    Nice pictures. Enjoy the class and trip.

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