Creative Seeing

So today was the first day of my photography workshop, “Creative Seeing in Venice“. This was my reason (or more realistically my excuse) for coming to Italy.  The idea behind the workshop is to develop your creative eye, to find the pictures in a scene, to find the extraordinary pictures in the ordinary.  

However we’re in Venice which is a photographer’s dream. In one sense it is more difficult here because, while there are some many things to photograph, they are fairly obvious. We (I) am looking for the not so obvious.

So after a two hour meeting this morning where Jonathan talked and then each of the 13 course participants discussed their individual goals, we all boarded the vaparatto for a journey along the Grand Canal to the north side of the island where we would get away from the crowds for the most part and hopefully make great images.

The images I shot today are more, for a lack of a better word, artistic. This is not the tourist fare I was shooting the first 3 days I was here. I am trying to be more selective in what I photograph so I only shot 183 images for the day. We were to pick our best 5 for critiques, which I think we’ll do tomorrow. My top 5 are shown below, some with commentary, as well as some runners up.








A couple of ones I liked but didn’t make the top 5 picks of mine:



~ by l on September 29, 2008.

One Response to “Creative Seeing”

  1. From Drew: I liked the third picture down the best. I thought the rocks were cool. I like the last one because it looks like a mask. I like the second to last one because I can see the big tall buildings. I also really like the crosses because they look cool.
    School is really fun. I’m going on a field trip next week to an orchard. My teacher is very nice. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Pullium. I hope you are having a fun fun fun time on your trip. I hope you take more good good pictures. I hope you get back really really really soon. When you come back can we throw the tomatoes off the sticks? I like doing that. And, I really want to work on the bathroom. You need to finish that project. Love, THE DREW

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